Our product is safe because we have Certificate of HACCP, Certificate of GMP and Thai’s FDA Certificate. You can check FDA registration number at Product page.

Retail agent can place the first order at least 5 boxes / for other conditions or any queries regarding agent rate, please contact
- Mobile : 088 376 4422

- Email imp.lines@gmail.com
- Line Official : @impthailand

You can buy at the drugstores nationwide or at www.impthailand.com and at Shopee.

10 capsules per 1 inner box and 10 inner boxes per 1 box (total 100 capsules/box) for 30-45 days.

The main beneficial results of DTOXI and DTOXI PLUS (DTX+) are not different (help in soft excretion, detoxification) but DTOXI PLUS (DTX+) has the natural extracts that help boosting more metabolism in double speed (x2) like the mixture of extracts that have antioxidants which are good for healthier skin. Therefore, it’s good for anybody who needs the result in safe weight loss control but not look tired and worn out.

More than 12 years

You can take the product with other medicines and other dietary supplements (except in case that there’s any special instruction from your doctor or pharmacist)

1. This herbal drug recipe has been researched and conducted an experiment among people up to 95% and there’s no side effects such as abdominal pain or cramping like diarrhea but there’ll be a feeling like normal excretion. After taking the product for a while, you will feel like having an excretion after waking up in the morning and you will have an excretion again after taking more meal. You can have the feeling of soft excretion, light and comfortable in the stomach. 

1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers must strictly avoid. Can take theproduct in case of constipation only (1 capsule before bedtime) but not for the purpose of weight loss because it will cause malnutrition and milk fatigue syndrome.

1. It depends on many factors such as individual metabolism, individual diet, individual exercise and individual lifestyle so, the result will be varied. Natural herbal products may take longer time to see results than chemicals. Don’t forget that herbs have no side effects or yo-yo effects such as dizziness, fatigue, feeling faint, dry throat or dry mouth.
Normally, you will lose weight for 1-2 kgs. within 1 month (someone may get faster or slower results). It is noticeable that the belly will be flat very fast and you will feel lighter in weight after first 3 days after taking DTOXI PLUS (DTOXI+).

1. DTOXI PLUS (DTX+) is the product with 100% natural herbs, no chemical ingredients, therefore, if you have normal excretion, this will help in detoxifying the toxins left in the colons and help in weight loss control.
2. If taking the product for more than 3-4 months continuously, it may cause the harder excretion. Therefore, you have to adjust the dosage by taking less dosage gradually like every other day or every 2 days with fruits with high fiber and drink more water. This will help your excretion return to normal faster.
3. If you have hard constipation and normally take laxatives, DTOXI PLUS (DTX+) will be the better alternative of natural herbs because this product does not contain chemical ingredients so, there’s no toxic residues.
Remark: Medicines and all dietary supplements may cause any side effects after prolonged period of time or overdose.

1. Anybody with underlying disease (U/D) as below must avoid
-   Pregnancy or breastfeeding mothers
-   Gastritis or gastric ulcer
-   Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
-   With underlying disease (U/D) such as kidney disease, must take prescribed medications (should consult the doctor first)
-   Allergies or nutrients that have the combination of medicines
Anybody who has diabetes or heart disease, can take DTOXI PLUS (DTX+). As there’re several types of thyroid disease, anybody who has thyroid disease, should consult the doctor first. For other diseases, should consult the doctor first as well.

1. For detoxification, better excretion
1. Anybody with difficulty in excretion, take 2 capsules after dinner or before bedtime
2. Anybody with easy excretion, take 1 capsule after dinner or before bedtime
2. For fat burn and weight loss control
2.1. Take 1 capsule after lunch and 2 capsules after dinner
- Please observe yourself that after taking 1 capsule, you have enough excretion? If you need more excretion (after big meal), you can adjust to be 2 capsules before bedtime
- For anybody with difficulty in excretion (hard excretion / hard constipation often), may take 2 capsules after breakfast and 2 capsules before bedtime
- Results after intake would be varied upon individual factors

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