Dtoxi Plus Size XL


DTOXI PLUS 5 Packs (500 Capsules)

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DTOXI PLUS (DTX+) Plus all issues, Add all aspects

DTOXI PLUS (DTX+) product contains of 100% natural extracts and 100% natural minerals which’re good for body waste cleanse, soft excretion, toxins detoxification, body balancing, fat loss, cholesterol reducing and safe weight loss control because

DTOXI PLUS (DTX+) is not a medicine, no chemical extracts, therefore, there’s no side effects.

Check the registration number of FDA: 24-2-01350-5-0039

DTOXI PLUS (DTX+) Plus all issues, Add all aspects
+ Plus 1 : Reducing hunger and appetite
+ Plus 2 : Boosting metabolism in double speed, reducing belly fat accumulation
+ Plus 3 : Natural extracts for anti-aging, antioxidants for healthier skin and beauty

+ Safe because it contains of 100% natural extracts.
+ Immediate result by first capsule, active within 8-12 hrs.
+ No need to increase dosage (for prolonged period of time)
+ Restoring and improving excretion, digestive system and helping
in balancing intestinal system to be in its natural state
+ Stimulating the colon to work naturally without causing any side effects
such as abdominal distention or cramps
+ Body waste cleanse, toxins detoxification and reducing the risk
of colon cancer
+ No chemical residues, no side effects and no yo-yo effect
+ Additional features for weight loss control, healthier skin and body firming.
All-in-one beauty completion.

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