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Dtoxi Siz L


DTOXI 2 Packs (200 Capsules) Dosage/Pack : 60 Days

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The Best Five Thai Traditional Herbs
100% Natural Product / Thai Herbs

Thai Traditional Medicinals : Laxative Detox

What is DTOXI?
Dtoxi is not a chemical. It is 100% Thai Herb (natural) that maintains balance in the body.
Dtoxi takes care the body from inside, revitalize the metabolic system to full function.
Dtoxi selects the safest herbs for weight loss and control.
Dtoxi is a solution to bright skin care and figure without side effects.
Dtoxi improves better blood circulation to cardiac muscle.

What can Dtoxi do?
Detoxify : Cleans the body from inside and detoxifies toxins, residues from medicine and chemicals.
Lipid metabolism : Rehabilitates fat lipid metabolism system to function effectively and eliminates excessive fat.
Weight control : Accelerates lipid metabolism and reduces fat and cholesterol.
Help excretion : Balances excretory system.
Radiant skin : Stimulates blood circulation.

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